Still Dancing

Today, I’m 28. I don’t legally turn 28 until January…but I have been 28 for a few weeks now. I find the older I get, the faster I age. YOLO, the annoying acronym for you only live once, has become a wolf on the hunt for my heart. Song of the day also for the daily prompt is:

: We Dance, by Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger & Bethel

The lyrics, “…it’s nice to know I’m not alone, I’ve found my home here in your arms,” is what I sing to myself an God every night that I stay up past my wanting, to complete something I should have completed many, many years ago. My education.

Unfortunately, this time around I have not only the YOLO wolf on my tail, but a 5 year old telling me she wants to be what I am when she grows up. It was devastating hear that. Who was I? What was I? Upon hearing this,  I re-enrolled in school to become someone I could be proud to offer up as an option. There is nothing more …I can’t even find the word for it. Everyone want’s their kids to turn out better than them, what does that mean though.

How can I desire my kid to be better than me when I haven’t even tried to be my best. I just fell in line, I settled, I went with the flow, lost track of time, got comfortable, got complacent. Forgot the song…”the one He wrote for me,”. So here I am 28, starting my fifth wordpress, in school for probably the fifth time, being chased by a YOLO wolf, kindergartner and something I never had before: the refusal to tell this story in the exact same position that I am in now, 2 years from now. No more being broke, no more being uncertain, no more dependence on my husband, no more maybes or we’ll see’s, no more interruption, no more excuses.

I’m going to dance, and I’m not gonna stop. Good luck and prayers for your journey, Lord knows I’ll take all the prayers and luck I can get. Be well.

❤ listen to the song on the link above and comment below what it means to/for you ❤

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